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The website Ajax Diner Book Club grew out of my involvement with Nine Bullets and with my hosting duties on the KRFC radio show Ajax Diner Book Club. I plan to introduce you to new music that I hope you will love while also writing about music you might already know but in a way that helps you enjoy it more or understand it better. If you’re familiar with either my old radio show or Nine Bullets then you’ll have some idea about the type of music I plan to talk about here. But I also hope to surprise you from time to time.

I also hope to feature a large number of artist interviews on the site. My hope is to use the access to musicians that I have to bring original and insightful content to you.

But I don’t want to fall into the trap of just reviewing albums so I plan to write about music and how it shapes our lives and how our lives shape the music we love. That might said lofty and I’m not afraid to strive for lofty.

I’ll also be hosting a weekly podcast, a lot like the radio show, as soon as I get the money for the equipment needed.

There will be some other voices around here as well, so be on the lookout for those. (My old 9B cohort Gabriel Di Chiara has agreed to write from time to time and I couldn’t be more thrilled)

Zach Ginsberg created the website and handles the computer stuff. I’ll post his email if he wants me to but he’s the father of twin toddlers so his hands are already full. Thanks Zach.


Email: charleshaleismyname@yahoo.com

Address: 3605 Buckskin Trail, LaPorte CO 80535

I prefer email with a digital download and with links to where I can hear music before I decide to download. Please don’t send CDs, I’m just not going to listen to them and when it’s time to move again they’ll end up in the trash. Send vinyl if you want to. I love records and it will certainly move you to the top of the “to listen to” pile but I know vinyl is expensive so don’t send it unless you really want to.