Where I’ve Been Lately

Hey folks, if you follow this blog or the facebook page you might have noticed that I haven’t been around much lately. I’m working to change that and I hope that I’ll soon be posting regularly.

This spring I started my own business, it’s been a challenge to get the thing off the ground but after months and months of leg work my phone is starting to ring on a regular basis. The business is a long way from supporting me but I’m making progress. Needless to say there’s a lot of stress, anxiety and work associated with that and it’s part of what’s taking me away from thinking about and writing about music.

I’ve had a small second job the entire year but in the last six or eight weeks I’ve picked up a third job. It has me working some nights and weekends. The money has been a real help but the result is that I end up working five to seven days a week and working two jobs a day three to five days a week. It’s what you gotta do.

I’ve also been working for several months on finding a new place to live. My current living situation has only been a temporary home with the move out date changing a number of times. This town is hard to find housing in and everything is more expensive than I can afford. But I’m working on all that and hopefully I’ll have a solution soon.

All of this hasn’t been good for my mental health. That’s led to insomnia and days on the couch, unable to go outside, but I’m working on all of that soon.

We’ve got music to talk about. There are new albums out (or coming) from Adam Lee, Matt Woods, Two Cow Garage and others. We’ve got an interview with Shane Sweeney (and maybe Micah) with you. I’ve got some older albums I want to write about, Wilco’s Summerteeth and Marah’s Kids In Philly. So stick with me, I’ll get this figured out and rolling again.

And stay tuned tomorrow because Gabriel is going to introduce us to a killer new band.

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