Cedric Burnside Is A Bad Mother****er

When I was living in Mississippi I had the pleasure of seeing Cedric Burnside play a number of times. I saw him in his band Burnside Exploration and in his duo with Lightin’ Malcolm. I also saw him play drums with Blue Mountain and T-Model Ford. Cedric is truly one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen play. His timing is great, as is his power and precision. He’s also a guitar player and singer. There is a documentary about Cedric life on the way and here is a great six minute trailer.

And if that’s not enough here is a video of Cedric’s acoustic guitar playing. This song demonstrates the hill country sound and structure. Somehow the playing is both primitive and sophisticated. The hill country blues has it’s own rhythm, this song helps to show that.

And if that’s still not enough the hill country blues documentary You See Me Laughing is on youtube. It’s a great, in depth look at this great music.

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